Here follows a brief history of Dave's life as an artist.

1982 Became a full-time painter.
1986 First sales of two paintings at the Herbert Open Exhibition, Coventry.


Helped form the Midlands based artist group The Dream Illustrators. Extensive group exhibitions.
1988 Met Lee Dorrian of Napalm Death/Cathedral and have worked for Cathedral ever since. Paintings for Cathedral include eight album covers (the eighth is yet to be released!) along with other artwork for singles and EPs.
1989 Sale of four paintings to Drians Galleries, Marble Arch, London.


Gallery artist at Methuens Gallery, Stratford, London.
1992 Gallery artist at Dancing Clocks, Coventry.
1993 Gallery artist at Gerard Boudins Gallery, Rouen.
1993-1998 Seventeen paintings on permanent exhibition, Vieux Moulin Gallery, Cleres, Normandy.
1995-1996 Brief biography, interviews and prints of work published in American, German and Japanese magazines: "Ultimatum", "Burrn" and "SchwerMetall"
1997 Voted "Third Best Album Artist" by German heavy metal magazines.