Welcome to the official website of Dave Patchett! Dave has become popular mainly through the paintings that he has created for the excellent rock band Cathedral, although this is by no means the extent of his work. On this site you will find information about Dave, examples of his artwork and contact details in case you wish to enquire about purchasing a painting or ordering prints.


4th December 2015: A long overdue update, including a Cathedral's final album artwork, The Last Spire, along with two more recent pieces. There is also a new work of short fiction, Our Kind.

2nd August 2010: Added the artwork for the new Cathedral album - The Guessing Game!

22nd October 2008: Added a fantastic new painting from Dave called Wedding at Cana on Planet Evian!

05th May 2008: Added a another superb new piece of artwork from Dave called Rendezvous Park!

05th May 2008: Stop the press - new high resolution images for each piece of artwork are available for download! Head over to the artwork page and click on any of the "high res" links.

16th July 2007: Added a fantastic new piece of artwork from Dave called The Last Supper!

11th April 2006: Dave Patchett is currently exhibiting a collection of work at the Clapham North Art Centre in London! The full address of the venue is Unit 5, 26-32 Voltaire Road, Clapham, London, SW4 6DH, as shown on this map.

11th April 2006: Added "The Conceptualist", a short play by Dave Patchett, to the Fiction section.

2nd October 2005: Added the artwork from Cathedral's latest album The Garden of Unearthly Delights